Southeastern Growers is the leading resource for landscape developers who are ready to upgrade their properties through the addition of elegant, healthy trees. A principle tree farm in northern Georgia, Southeastern Growers has dedicated the last fifteen years to perfecting its craft in culling, pruning, root stimulation, and more in order to produce top-notch specimens for the green industry.

The wholesale opportunities at Southeastern Growers have a wide range that meet the needs of any developer. Available plants include broadleaf evergreens, upright trees, shade trees, conifers, and ornamentals. From seasonal favorites like the Yuletide Camellia to towering shade trees like the Autumn Blaze Maple, the farm is guaranteed to have the trees you need to improve your landscape.

Southeastern Growers stands out in the industry because every member of the team focuses not just on selling trees, but on understanding them inside and out. The farm prides itself on its environmental progression and up-to-date selective breeding techniques, both of which result in the beautiful, healthy trees for which Southeastern Growers are so well-known.

Southeastern Growers’ business continues to grow because it is more than just a farm producing high-quality trees for professionals. It is also a resource for all the knowledge and advice that guides successful developers. The team enjoys sharing expertise with professionals and newcomers alike, so that everyone can understand how to optimize their landscaping techniques and make the most of their greenery.

From drought and heat tolerance to cold hardiness to average growing times, every tree has its own set of qualities (and benefits) which determine whether it will make a good fit for your landscaping project. Come to Southeastern Growers and stay updated on all of our landscaping tips to make the most of your space.