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Month: February 2016

The Queen of the South: The Majestic Magnolia Tree

When traveling in the Southern United States, make sure to take a second to appreciate the beautiful Magnolia trees. A flowering tree that blossoms white, pink, and yellow flowers among others colors, the Magnolia has become one of the world’s most distinguishable flowering plants. During its peak blooming seasons, it releases sweet fragrances and aromas […]

It’s Not Just a Tree, it’s a Maple Tree

The Maple Tree, known as the genus Acer, is a particularly large tree family. Found in every continent except for Antarctica, Maple has almost 130 different species of tree and shrub within its family. Because of its broad and encompassing categorization, many people don’t even know when they are near a Maple tree. Fortunately, there […]

Earth’s Favorite Flowering Tree: The Japanese “Yoshino” Tree

A darling among the flowering tree world, and a true favorite throughout the globe, the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree, or the Yoshino Cherry, is one of the most popular flowering trees in the world. As a member of the Cherry Blossom family, the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree is displayed in national and international festivals, honored […]

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