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The River Birch

The river birch, Betula nigra, is a bit of a black sheep. While it has many of the same visual characteristics of other birch trees, it is unique in many ways too. Typically, birch trees do best in the cooler climates of the northern United States — not so with the river birch. The river […]

Trident Maple

Picture, if you will, a quiet street in Anytown, USA. The milkman is making his rounds, the kids are swinging from a tire, and moms and dads are working in their gardens. The manicured lawns run up to picket fences, and beyond those are sidewalks. Those sidewalks are shaded by the broad leaves of familiar […]

Your Virtual Gardening Tool Shed

Looking to exercise your green thumb this spring? Well your thumb can’t do it all! Proper gardeners will need the proper tools to cultivate, prune, and raise their garden to perfection. While some tools help break apart the earth and soil, others will allow for proper air and water flow throughout the cultivated land. But […]

Yard Work May Help You Live a Longer, Better Life

Gardening and home farming isn’t all about achieving the best vegetation and greenery, it’s also about soothing the human spirit. Studies have suggested time and time again that gardening can reduce stress, alleviate depression, and quell anxiety for individuals with these struggles. Whether is alleviating anxiety, reducing stress on the heart, or reducing the risk […]

The Queen of the South: The Majestic Magnolia Tree

When traveling in the Southern United States, make sure to take a second to appreciate the beautiful Magnolia trees. A flowering tree that blossoms white, pink, and yellow flowers among others colors, the Magnolia has become one of the world’s most distinguishable flowering plants. During its peak blooming seasons, it releases sweet fragrances and aromas […]

It’s Not Just a Tree, it’s a Maple Tree

The Maple Tree, known as the genus Acer, is a particularly large tree family. Found in every continent except for Antarctica, Maple has almost 130 different species of tree and shrub within its family. Because of its broad and encompassing categorization, many people don’t even know when they are near a Maple tree. Fortunately, there […]

Earth’s Favorite Flowering Tree: The Japanese “Yoshino” Tree

A darling among the flowering tree world, and a true favorite throughout the globe, the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree, or the Yoshino Cherry, is one of the most popular flowering trees in the world. As a member of the Cherry Blossom family, the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree is displayed in national and international festivals, honored […]

Tending Your Yews

Yews are a staple for many homes and commercial landscapes; they supply hardy coverage and structure while also providing privacy between properties. Yews function as both trees and shrubs and can be planted as individually standing plants, topiaries, in containers, and as hedges. Yews grow and thrive in almost all environments and under many conditions, even in […]

Most Popular Houseplants

What better way to celebrate the new year than to freshen up your home and indoor environment with a new houseplant! With so many options to choose from, we’ve done the leg work for you and selected some of the most popular houseplants out there you might consider adorning your house with: ZZ Plant – One […]

Different Trees To Plant In Your Yard

A lot goes into planning the shrubbery around your yard, even when it comes to the types of trees! Do you want ornamental trees that look beautiful? Or, shade trees that are perfect for sitting under on a hot summers day? Or, conifer trees that stay green and succulent all year round? Here are some […]

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