A lot goes into planning the shrubbery around your yard, even when it comes to the types of trees!

Do you want ornamental trees that look beautiful? Or, shade trees that are perfect for sitting under on a hot summers day? Or, conifer trees that stay green and succulent all year round?

Here are some trees for thought…

Ornamental Trees

japanese maple southeastern growers

Japanese Maple

Range from three to twenty feet tall, offer lovely textured foliage, amazing and bright color, intricate shapes, and survive in shade.

callery pear southeastern growers

Callery Pear

Grows very fast, tiny white flowers that bloom in spring, colorful foliage during the fall, and at maturity the canopy reaches thirty to forty five feet.

Purple Prince Crabapple Tree


Can grow to fifteen to twenty five feet tall, blooms in spring with deep pink flower buds that transform into white blossoms, and eventually the flowers are replaced with small red or yellow apples that birds love to munch on.

chinese dogwood southeastern growers

Chinese Dogwood

In the spring, this tree blooms white flowers with pointed petals. Then, they hand juicy, red fruit from its branches that grow out horizontally.

Redbud southeastern growers

Redbud Tree

With pinky purple flowers that give way to heart-shaped leaves, this tree can grow up to twenty five to thirty feet tall. In the fall, the leave yellow and pods can be seen.

saucer magnolia southeastern growers

Saucer Magnolia

This absolutely beautiful tree will be your favorite. It grows up to thirty feet tall with large pale-pink flowers in the early spring.

serviceberry tree sutheastern growers


From six to twenty feet in height, this adaptable tree blooms white flowers that turn into edible dark fruit in the summer. In the fall, the foliage turns a wonderful yellowish-pink.

weeping cherry southeastern growers

Weeping Cherry

With pink or white single or double flowers, this tree grows up to fifteen to twenty five feet fall and just as wide.

citrus tree southeastern growers

Citrus Tree

With lovely white and fragrant flowers, these trees bare edible fruits! However, if not sprayed properly, they can perish easily.

Shade Trees

honey locust southeastern growers

Honey Locust

Sturdy and amenable, this tree grows thirty to fifty feet tall and drops pods white its foliage turns a lovely yellow color in the fall.

honey locust southeastern growers

Tulip Tree

This quick-growing, twenty five foot tall tree blooms amazing tulip looking flowers with orange centers surrounded by strange looking leaves. Truly a sight to see.

willow oak southeastern growers

Willow Oak

This is a truly shady tree, with dense foliage and pointed leaves, it grows to about fifty feet tall and is easy to transplant. Just before the leaves begin to drop, they turn a nice, autumn yellow.

sorrel tree southeastern growers


Growing up to seventy five feet tall, this tree is picturesque in every season. In the summer, its flowers are white little urns with glossy leaves surrounding them that turn a brilliant red in the early fall.


arborvitae southeastern growers


Growing to heights of forty to fifty feet, these slender greenlings become spirelike upon maturity. They should be a staple in every yard.

pine tree southeastern growers

Pine Tree

Evergreen for yearlong beauty, Pine Trees have soft, long needles that smell amazing. They grown in many climates and withstand a wide variety of weather.

spruce tree southeastern growers


Fragrant and evergreen, these are often the trees you use for your Christmas trees. They come in an extremely wide range of heights from less than five feet to over one hundred!