Is a yard really a yard without any vegetation? Well, yes, sure it is, but is it a yard worth looking at?

Adding some strategically placed trees and shrubs to any part of your yard can transform an otherwise dull area into a verdant oasis of beauty and life.

From the professional landscape architects at the Arbor Day Foundation, here are a couple of ideas for planting trees and shrubs in your yard, whether it be the focal point or an accent to an already growing garden.

green giant arborvitae southeastern growers

The Flowering Green Giant

This combination of spring-time beauties with year-long evergreens works great as a focal point or as an addition to a preexisting gardenscape. Starting with an area of about 65 by 35 feet, plant three Green Giant Arborvitaes in a row with two Yoshino Cherry trees on either side, an appropriate distance away but close enough to ensure cohesion. Forsythia bushes are then added around the base of each Cherry tree after 7-10 years to ensure the Forsythias do not take over the other trees.


The Knot Garden

Looking to add color to your yard all year around? The Knot Garden works really well as a colorful centerpiece. Classic yet colorful, this arrangement is a crowd pleaser. Starting with about 58 Korean Boxwoods to form a rectangle with an “x” in the center, this colorful arrangement of foliage is centered by a Blue Hydrangea. On either side of the Hydrangea are two Yoshino Cherry trees. The Cherry trees bloom in the spring and the Hydrangea blooms in the summer, giving you color all year round.

blue hydrangea southeastern growers

The Shrubs Under Shade Tree

This arrangement of colorful shrubs under a shade tree is a great option to plant under all of the oaks and maples in your yard. Below the canopy of any shade tree, plant 3 Forsythia bushes, 3 Blue Hydrangeas, and 5 White Mollis Hybrid Azaleas. The combination of yellow, blue, and white keeps your yard light and lively while providing a sense of settled in homeyness.