Whether your preference is for scents of flowers, needles, or foliage, you’ll find a tree that provides the ideal aroma for your outdoor living space. Following are just five of the many choices available to homeowners seeking scented trees and why you should consider them.

Classic Crabapple

What better way to usher in early spring than by opening a kitchen window on a breezy day and welcoming the sweet fresh scent of blooming apple blossoms? Planting a crabapple trees ensures this experience for many years to come. Ideal for small spaces with plenty of sun, you can choose from varieties featuring flower color palettes ranging from snowflake white to coral reef red.

American Linden

Sweeter than fresh raw honey with a tang of citrus, it’s no wonder the French make scented soap out of the fragrant oils of linden flowers. Bees and butterflies swarm to these highly fragrant flowers that fall in graceful lemon-hued racemes. Amateur beekeepers love this medium-sized tree because of the exquisite-tasting honey made from the nectar of its flowers.

Sweet Olive Trees

Although you won’t actually get olives from this tree, the heavenly scented white spring flowers more than make up for the lack of fruit. As an added bonus, sweet olive trees feature glossy evergreen foliage. This tree requires at least eight feet of space between it and other plants, so use it as a front yard specimen tree for best effect.

Sweet Birch

If you like understated, woodsy aromas in your outdoor living space, consider planting a sweet birch tree near your backyard patio. This fuss-free tree is perfect for low maintenance yards and only requires a fairly sunny spot to thrive. Fragrant foliage scents the air long after the fairly small, inconspicuous green-and-white spring flowers have faded.

European Larch

The needles of the European larch exude an aroma like that of freshly mown grass on a warm summer evening, particularly when they’re crushed. Taking a morning walk in the spring when the oil levels in the needles are at their highest provides an excellent way to start the day. European larch is also one of the few conifers trees that’s deciduous.


Walnut flowers don’t have much scent, but the leaves have a strong, spicy aroma that’s laced with bright lemon accents. Ideal for those whose preferences run to spicy green scents rather than classic florals, walnut trees also provide a tasty harvest for both you, your household residents, and furry friends such as squirrels and chipmunks.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on how to make the most of your outdoor living space using the right trees.