southeastern growers

Scientific name: Vitex agnus-castus

Common name: Chaste Tree

Bloom time: July to August

Sun: full sun

Water: medium

Flower: showy, fragrant, lilac

Attracts: Butterflies

southeastern growers

The Chaste Tree survives best in warmer climates but can still flourish and flower in colder environments. If there is dieback, no worries, new flowering will occur. The “Shoal Creek” is a cultivar of the chaste tree and is most commonly grown in warmer winter climates and trained in a vase-shaped, deciduous shrub, or a single trunk tree.

Alternatively, in colder winter climates, the tree is often cut back every year and grown as a tall perennial shrub.

The chaste tree is not known to suffer from serious insect or disease issues. However, leaf spots and root rot are known as occasional problems.

The tree features beautiful foliage and late summer flowers, making your yard a sight to be seen. They are also known as shrub borders, foundations, cottage gardens, and butterfly gardens, but really work well in many yard schemes and environments.

southeastern growers